We are Jack and Sally Phipps and our ranch is located 55 miles northeast of Dallas, in the beautiful countryside of Celeste, Texas. 
We have always had a great love of animals, with an extraordinary passion for dogs. When we were introduced to Cavalier King Charles, we knew these were the dogs for us!

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an active, graceful, well-balanced toy spaniel, very

free in action,  fearless and sporting in character, yet at the same time

gentle and affectionate. It is this typical happy temperament, combined with true elegance

and royal appearance which are of paramount importance in the breed.

Natural appearance with no trimming, sculpting or artificial alteration is essential to

breed type.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is born to be a companion! They love sitting on their best friend's lap and getting a good belly rub! Even though they were bred to be a companion they are as athletic as their spanish ancestors! They are always up for a walk or run on the beach or hiking through the woods and they love to give chase to a bird or rabbit!  Not to mention their beautiful little faces will melt your heart everytime you look at them! They stole our hearts from the moment we saw them and we had to have them at our ranch!  


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